Nonprofit Wellness Audit

Nonprofit Wellness Audit (DIY or Customized)

Do you want to increase your capacity and position your organization to be more competitive for grant funds?

Or are you just starting out as a nonprofit and want to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row?

Sign up today to complete a Nonprofit Wellness Audit or have a customized one completed for your organization.
An evaluation of the following will be included in the Nonprofit Wellness Audit:
• Board of Directors Structure
• Bylaws
• Articles of Incorporation
• Budget
• Fiscal Policies and Procedures
• Conflict of Interest Policy
• Dissolution Clause
• Website & Social Media
• Mission & Vision
• Branding
• Employee and Volunteer Policies & Procedures

What it Includes:
• You will receive a score and ranking of your current status
• Reports and articles outlining optimization for each topic
• Templates to fix each area that you are rated critical or weak in
• A robust report of your status and how to optimize all areas

Why complete a Nonprofit Wellness Audit?
• Be competitive when it comes to grants and funding
• Be prepared to effectively manage grant funding
• Know of any red flags that may be apparent to funders
• Go from ‘meh’ to amazing

Complete an DIY Nonprofit Wellness Audit or have WEGO conduct a customized Nonprofit Wellness Audit for your organization. Contact us for more information!

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