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Has your nonprofit plateaued on funding?
Are all the other nonprofits sweeping in the grants, but you can't seem to get ahead?
Are you frustrated with even WHERE to start in getting a nonprofit off the ground?
Are you confused with all the details of budgets?
Are you not sure which policies your nonprofit needs?
Are you overwhelmed when it comes to writing grants?

No matter what your situation is, the funding arena is
VERY competitive when it comes to nonprofits.

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the United States.
How does your nonprofit stand out?

We know how frustrating it can be out there in the funding world. Our work with countless nonprofits all over the world (over more than a decade) has revealed that oftentimes it's the details that hold organizations back from being funded. Believe me, it's all in the details. When you are a visionary, it can be hard to see these details.

That's what
WEGO Grants does. We look at the details and the BIG picture to make sure everything jives. Sometimes the projects of a nonprofit just do NOT connect with the mission statement and other times the nonprofit does not have a Conflict of Interest Policy so they may not look as credible compared to other nonprofits. A very common hard-hit area is the budget projections for projects. A lot of times nonprofits do not use enough justification of budget categories for their projects.

These areas may seem small and insufficient, but without strong details your nonprofit is suffering from a lack of funding.
You probably are NOT winning the grants that you could, or getting corporations to take notice of your needs! That isn't to say you do not have strong needs. I am sure you have a great mission with your nonprofit, but you have to make sure that the details are outlined well so people can connect the dots and see your vision; i.e. the big picture.

Because, afterall,
people are giving you money. They need to make sure your nonprofit is accountable for that money and you will do what you said you were going to do. If you cannot take the time to fix the details, then you probably are not a good candidate to spend money in the right way. At least that is the way funding sources think. Otherwise you are just creating noise.

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10 Question Quiz
1. Does your organization have Tax-Exempt nonprofit 501(c)3 Status?
  • Yes
  • No
2. Does your organization have bylaws and articles of incorporation?
  • Yes
  • No
3. Does your organization have a DUNS/SAM number?
  • Yes
  • No
4. Do your board members contribute financially to your organization?
  • Yes
  • No
5. Do you know your mission statement without googling it?
  • Yes
  • No
6. Does your organization track in-kind / volunteer time?
  • Yes
  • No
7. Does your organization have an active online presence?
  • Yes
  • No
8. Does your organization have an annual budget?
  • Yes
  • No
9. Does your organization apply for grants?
  • Yes
  • No
10. Do you have other systems in place to evaluate / measure success for your
  • Yes
  • No
Add up your points:
A = 10 Points B = 0 Points Total Points ________

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