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Grant funding be magical. The money you secure from funding sources can literally change the lives of people in a community, improve conservation efforts, or enable the rendition of a Shakespeare play. Literally, when it comes to grants the world is your oyster. But the ability to win grants is more than just making a weak impression or sending out the same two-page letter to 100 different funding sources.

Believe me, writing grants DOES NOT HAVE to be akin to the following*:

  • The accountant writing a novel
  • The novelist filing taxes
  • The introvert giving a speech in a bikini
  • The Siamese cat going for a swim

*Of course, these are all terrible stereotypes and I apologize as your cat may in fact enjoy the breaststroke while wearing cute speedos. Please hashtag me if that does happen.

Okay, so the above examples might be a bit extreme, but you may find yourself:

  • Pulling your hair out during grant season
  • Hiding under your desk when your boss mentions a new project
  • Telling your stakeholders there are plenty of grants, but not having the faintest idea how to write a grant
  • Thinking you can just send out a few letters and get funded
  • Sifting through academia-like jargon on grant writing and getting really confused with all the acronyms
  • Saying, “Aargh!” a lot while doing any or all the above

If you resonate with any of the above and wish there was a genie to help you write and win that grant, then you are looking at the right grant writing course.The Grant Writing System: How to Write a Winning Grant is a proven step-by-step system to help you write competitive grants.

Holly Rustick has secured millions and millions of dollars for organizations around the world, and in this workbook, she shares her system with you.


See what people are saying about the Grant Writing System

"The way she (Holly) presents it, it’s really easy to digest. She explains it, breaks it down in a way that I can relate to in real life."
- Michelle Pier, Owner of Creative Indeed
“I have written grants for over six years, but after taking Holly’s grant workshop I have learned a lot more. For a recentgrant I even referenced her podcast.”
- Brittney Cruz, Asst. Director of Parents Empowering Parents of Children with Disabilities
“The grant training is very helpful for nonprofit organizations!”
- John Howard, Founder of Micronesian Youth Sports
“I am not a grant writer but from my standpoint it’s really very simplified, the way she conducted the workshop.”
- Cydsel Toledo, Compliance Officer at Guam Behavioral Health & Wellness Center

Hey, if you actually follow the system in this course, you may even have a master grant written by the end. How cool is that? You even get:

Accompanying FREE Amazon Bestselling e-Book, Wish Granted! Tips, Tools, and Templates to Write a Winning Grant

What You Get with the Course

The Amazon Bestselling e-Book, Wish Granted! Tips, Tools, and Templates to Write a Winning Grant
Video-series (Include the following)
About this Course and The Book!
Intro to Grant Writing 101
Module One: All About Money
Module Two: The Myths & Truths of Grants
Module Three: The Mindset Behind Grants
Module Four: The Different Types of Grants
 Describing the different types of Federal Grants
Understanding State Grants and Contracts
Oh yeah, the Foundation Grants
Includes Downloadabe: Investigating Foundations Step One
Includes Downloadabe: Investigating Foundations Step Two
Includes Downloadabe:Different Types of Grants Cheat Sheet
Module Five: The Grant Writing Structure
Includes Downloadabe: Grant Kick Off Meeting Checklist
Includes Downloadabe: Grant Schedule Timeline
Module Six: About Your Organization (1 of 5 in Grant Writing)
Includes Downloadabe: Board of Directors Worksheet
Includes Downloadabe: Staff Worksheet
Includes Downloadabe: Tracking Awarded Grants Worksheet
Module Seven: Needs & Target Demographic (2 of 5 How in Grant Writing)
How to Find, Cite, and Articulate your Needs
Narrowing your Target Demographic
Includes Downloadabe: Needs and Target Demograghic worksheet
Module Eight: Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes (3 of 5 in Grant Writing)
Getting Great Goals
Objectives, Outcomes, and Action Plan Timeline
Includes Downloadabe: Work Action Plan Timeline
Module Nine: Budget and Budget Narrative (4 of 5 in Grant Writing)
How to Create a Line-by-Line Budget
How to Write a Budget Narrative
Includes Downloadabe: Budget Excel Sheet
Module Ten: How to Write a Project Design (5 of 5 in Grant Writing)
Writing the Challenges, Contingencies, and Sustainability Plan
Module Eleven: Resources

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