Prices & Packages

Pricing and Packages

Grant Writing & Funding has an array of packages and ala cart services to meet your needs in grants and funding. 
We’ve been doing this for quite some time (over a decade) and have secured millions of dollars for nonprofits, so we know the grant writing language.
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A la Carte

Basic Grant Writing Package
(One Funding Initiative)

Enhanced Grant Writing Package
(Two Funding Initiatives)

Ultimate Support: Retainer Package
(Unlimited Funding Initiatives)

Grant Research (Includes Foundation, Federal, & Corporate Funding Sources)

10 Funding Sources

10 Funding Sources

12 Funding Sources

Ongoing Monthly Support

Foundation /Corporate Giving Sources Application

Per Application

Five (5) Applications
One (1) Template
(Discount of 

Ten (10) Applications
Two (2) Templates

Ongoing Monthly Support

Federal Grant Application

Starting at $6,000

15% Discount

15% Discount

Ongoing Monthly Support

One-on-One Phone Calls of Video Calls

$150 per hour

Initial Phone Conversation up to two (2) hours

Initial phone conversation up to two (2) hours, additional two (2) hours, and email monthly reports

Ongoing Monthly Support



(Includes Funding Research & Phone Calls!)

(Includes Funding Research & Phone Calls!)

20% off hourly rate
$150 = $120


  $7,500 $9,500 Starting at $2,400 per month*

Fee Structure: Please note that we do not work on a contingent-fee basis.

Funding Initiatives: Funding initiatives are the types of projects. For example, if your nonprofit is looking for funding for two projects that include funding the rent and operational costs of a homeless shelter and funding the development of curriculum for outreach to prevent human trafficking, then these are two funding priorities. The Basic Grant Package includes one funding initiative (i.e. one project), the Enhanced Grant Package includes two funding initiatives, and the Ultimate Retainer Package includes unlimited funding initiatives.

Payment Plans: The Basic Grant Writing Packages & Enhanced Grant Writing Packages will be given an additional $500 discounted if paid in full upon signing contraction (Total $7,000 or $9,000). If making payments, a 50% payment is required upon signing contract, and additional payments for the remainder of the contract will be paid monthly for four subsequent months due before the 1st of each month. The Ultimate Support Retainer Package will be required a minimum of $2,400 by the 1st of each month and required a minimum of six months work.

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Grant Research: We have the experience and skills to navigate the tedious job of finding the best-fit funding applications. Grant Writing & Funding will analzye your mission and funding initiatives (projects) and find the funding sources that fit your nonprofit's priorities. We find the best-fit grants so you can stop writing the same solicitation letter to hundreds of foundations. We will strategize to increase your nonprofit's competitive edge in securing grants and funding. Plus, we pay a good amount every month to access the best foundation data bases in the world and we are savvy on,, state agency websites,, Foundation websites, analyzing 990s, Foundation Directory Online, and all that fun, geeky stuff.

Foundation Grants

  • Utilizing our databases of hundreds of thousands of funding sources
  • Review 990s of foundations and board of directors
  • Research similar organizations and identify where they are receiving funding

Federal Grants

  • Utilizing databases of hundreds of thousands of federal grants
  • Assist you with WorkSpace Training on
  • Find out your eligibility for federal grants
  • Research organizations who received those federal grants

How are we different? Check out these podcasts or Youtube videos to see what we do.

Foundation / Corporate Giving Sources Applications: We LOVE writing grants. I know, we're weird, but we love doing it and you it when the grants get awarded! Grant Writing & Funding has expert grant writers who have won numerous grants. Holly Rustick, M.A., is the lead and has more than a decade in grant writng and has secured millions of dollars in grants and funding strategies. Foundation grants range from two-page letters of inquries all the way to 10+ page applications. We find the best-fit foundation and corporate grants for your nonprofit based on giving priority areas, geographic locations, historical giving, relationships, evaluating 990s, and other strategic areas. Strategic research coupled with writing to the grant request are what gets grants won. 

Federal Grant Applications: Depending on your nonprofit, you may be well-positioned to apply for federal grants. Federal grants are normally have much more robust application processes compared to foundation grants. For example, a federal grant may consist of a 50+ page project narrative, a logic model, memorandums of understanding, letters of support, a budget and budget narrative, SF-424 forms, other forms, and more. Writing these grants can average 100 hours or more. The amounts may differ compared to foundation grant applications with secured funding ranging from $50,000 to $1 million+. 

For a list of grants secured by Grant Writing & Funding, please visit

One-on-One / Editing / Technical Assistance: Complete editing of client prepared proposals, as well as technical assistance, is available on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is $150 per hour, payable in advance for a minimum of five hours for editing.

Retainer Agreements: The Ultimate Package Retainer Agreement ranges from $2,400 to $4,800. We conduct grant research, inform you of grant opportunities, create funding proposals and provide ongoing advice and consultation. Starting at $2,400 per month with 20 hours per month at $120 per hour (discount of $30 per hour!). The hours not used in a given month are rolled into future months and any hours over 20 are estimated and sent to the client beforehand to be paid before extending the work. This is an affordable way to have an expert grant team for your nonprofit and to not have to pay for health insurance, vacation, and taxes! The retainer is due at the start of each month and there is a six-month minimum.


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