In-Person Training

World Renowned Grant Expert, Bestselling Author & Podcast Host Holly Rustick presents…


June 3rd and 4th 


When you don't have the time and patience to watch hours and hours of video and want an in-person, step-by-step process

Want to accelerate your way to writing and funding grants? Whether you want to become amazing at writing (and securing!) grants or finding the best-fit grants, then this two-day workshop is for you!

Holly's going to show you...

WARNING: Space is limited to 10 People!


Grant Writing & Funding provides in-person training to help increase funding for your nonprofit or help you grow as a grant writer. Reach out to us to find out about our in-person
  • grant writing training
  • strategic planning training
  • board training
  • how to start a profitable grant writing freelance company

In-Person Grant Writing Workshop
Do you want to increase the grant writing skills for your organization? Contact us!

The Grant Writing System is an energizing and informative course that will teach you how to get more funds for your mission. This course speaks mainly to nonprofit organizations, schools, municipalities, and religious institutions seeking grants from foundation, corporate, local government, Systemfederal government, and individual donors. It's also an excellent introduction for individuals wishing to become grant writing consultants or community grant writing volunteers. No matter who you are or what level of experience you have, you'll find The Grant Writing System will position you to increase funding for your mission.

This is the workshop for you if:

  • you had the added the role of grant writer or manager dumped on your lap and need some direction and fast-tracked skills;
  • you are a grant writer but want some additional tips, guidance, or direction; or
  • your nonprofit receives grants but maybe not like they used to and aren't as competitive.

What you will learn from this course:

  • the myths and truths of grants
  • different types of grants
  • the five basic parts of writing a grant
  • how to write the budget and budget narrative

What you will get:
  • In-person time for questions and answers
  • A better understanding of grants and funding
  • A network to increase your funding and grow partnerships
  • A grant writing workshop certificate
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- Nashville, June 3rd & 4th, 2019 (Grant Writing Training)
- Nashville, June 5th & 6th, 2019 (How to Start a Profitable Grant Writing Freelance Company)


In-Person Strategic Planning

Are you looking to increase the organizational capacity of your nonprofit? 
Do you need help with strategic planning so you can win more grants and funding?

Our Nonprofit Strategic Planning will help your organization increase its capacity to win funding.

We include:
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Reprioritize the mission and vision
  • Formulate an elevator message
  • Review your branding
  • Strengthen stakeholders
  • Resource Mapping
  • Needs & Strengths Assessments
  • Planning out Your Calendar
This training will take your nonprofit to the next level!

In-Person Board Training

Grant Writing & Funding believes that the first step to increase your competitiveness starts with your organization's board. If you have a poorly structured board, then even the best projects may have a hard time being sustained. A strong board, that is passionate and understands their duties, leads to sustained projects, healthy energy and productivity.
  • Do you have a hard time finding the right board members?
  • Do you have a high turnover rate with your board of directors?
The board training that Grant Writing & Funding offers includes analysis of:
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Mission and Vision
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Statements
  • Processes
We will help by discussing board duties, matrix of skills, governance, responsibilities and rights, handbooks, meeting efficiency, importance of committees and stakeholder involvement. If you want to create an engergized board that knows what is expected, then reach out to us!

“This was very helpful and better than other grant workshops that I have attended.”
“I loved all of the information and networking!”
“The information eliminated a lot of time I would have had to sort through the grant writing and application process.”

"During the presentation I texted Holly’s contact information to other boards."

"Good overview and listening to others." 

"Holly has a wonderfully natural style of teaching while keeping her training very specific to the organization. Her teaching style forced innovative thinking and honest interaction of the board of directors."

"Holly did her full research about our organization."

"It was engaging and informative. I learned something new after all these years of being on the board."
"Excellent training."
“It was extremely clear and broken down for all to understand.”
“I loved everything! I’m still learning so much about a nonprofit.”

“I loved having a detailed outline with multiple resources and examples.”

“Great range of content – very efficient and effective!”

“I loved everything – especially the templates!”

“The information has made me understand the process of grant writing.”

“Thank you! You answered so many questions we had that were not provided elsewhere.”

“I like the organizing part of the process. I think it will help in our business and get funding.”

“Holly, you are awesome. I look forward to the next class.”


What?! All of that? Yes. All of that and more.

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